Holiday Gift Guide for Artists: Top 10 Gifts For Crafters this Christmas (2019)

A gift guide for people who have no idea how to buy art supplies — what do they even want anyway? 

Because gifts aren’t about what they need, it’s about what will light up their face and make them feel special — like it was picked just for them!

In this guide I’ve included the following, so you can find what that person is looking for with ease!

  • Who the gift is best suited for
  • The gifts’ suggested uses
  • A simple price-point guide [$-$$$]

*Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra, and you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really.

For the avid illustrator:

KOBWA Professional 100% Log Anti-breaking Pen Charcoal Sketch Set is an excellent holiday gift for illustrators, students, and artists alike!
KOBWA Professional 100% Log Anti-breaking Pen Charcoal Sketch Set: Portable Multifunction 18 Pieces

Important for anyone who draws anything, keeping your tools safe is a must! Too many of my favourite pencils have been lost, stolen, snapped and broken — but ever since I got a “roll” for my pencils, it’s been great!

This set covers all the bases; including 18 sketch pencils, 3 charcoal pencils, 3 paper erasable pens, 1 pencil extender, 1 craft knife, 1 eraser & 1 rubber moldable eraser. With 18 sketch pencils ranging from 8B-2H, as well as the 3 charcoal pencils (Soft, Neutral, Hard) — this set of pencils has you covered, not needing to worry about what any of those numbers mean. [$]

The Togood 60 Sketch Twin Markers with Dual Tips (Broad/Fine) Professional Alcohol Marker Set is a great gift for calligraphy and manga artists this Christmas!
Togood 60 Sketch Twin Markers with Dual Tips (Broad/Fine) Professional Alcohol Marker Set

This impressive pack of markers is great for animation students, paper crafters (like scrapbooking and journalling), and professional artists alike. This gift will also be sure to make a large impression! These double-ended markers are ideal for character design, comic book drawing, fashion design, and for student and general use. [$$$]

There’s also a smaller 36-pack available if you were going for something more… subtle. [$$]

Prismacolor is where it’s at!

Every artist goes ga-ga when they see or hear “PRISMACOLOR”, and that’s because they’re worth that much attention. Prismacolor pencils are what I have used for years… But now they have these?! The Prismacolor Art Sticks pique my interest in particular because of how much time they would save me when I have to colour-in huge areas.

Art sticks have the quality of Prismacolor’s regular pencils — much like pastels, they work best on large areas, as foundations for layering, or quick turnaround projects. Because of their soft core, they can be used for superior blending and shading, endlessly.

As a pack of 48, this one is a steal! [$$]

For the portable painter:

Watercolor Brush Pen by Ohuhu are excellent for painting with water on the go and could be the perfect gift for the creative person in your life this holiday season.
Watercolor Brush Pens, Ohuhu 20 Colors Water Color Painting Markers With Water Coloring Brush

This gorgeous set of 20 watercolour brush pens is odourless, non-toxic, and washable! This set is great for adult colouring books, doodling in a journal, manga & comic illustration, and even calligraphy! [$]

I would recommend these for artists with only a limited workspace or for those who want a portable painting experience. 

Be sure to grab the right paper to go with it. If it’s a gift, you might as well make it beautiful. I personally love these watercolour paper Art Journals the most in the world (not exaggerating)! [$$]

Presents are made for the pleasure of who gives them, not the merits of who receives them.

Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind

An adjustable aluminum painting easel is a staple for any painter, especially this one which is suitable for table-tops and floor display, making this perfect for travelling artists. The telescopic legs can be adjusted from 25 to 73 inches! Each leg can be adjusted individually to provide an even surface, even on uneven terrain. [$$]

A collection of brushes that offer a variety of sizes to choose from both Flat and Round. Whether you’re applying minor details or large strokes, our brushes are versatile enough to handle any task. Making these a perfect gift for painters this holiday season!
A lovely customer photo By Zoddo of Artify 38 Pcs Paint Brushes Art Set

This collection of brushes offer a variety of sizes to choose from both Flat and Round. Whether you’re applying minor details or large strokes, these brushes are versatile enough to handle any task. I haven’t used them personally (yet), but the reviews are very encouraging!

They come in a canvas wrap; you roll them out and you’re good to go! The wrap makes them easy to store in a bag or backpack, while also providing essential protection from unwanted damage. This design makes it ideal for students commuting to and from school, and hobbyists who regularly travel. [$$]

For the diligent designer:

Made from Hardened acrylic material, with ultra-thin design, and wear-resisting materials, it feels like a glass panel without chipping or cracking.
A4 Ultra-Thin LED Art Stencil Board Light Pad Tracing Drawing Pad Board Light Box for Artists, Drawing, Sketching, and Animation

This A4-size portable light box totally changes the game for stencilling, calligraphy, comics & animation, and design! You can now get these crazy things, light-pads for drawing anywhere you have a USB connection: using only 5 V, these babies can be run off of only a power bank! [$$]

A fresh Moleskin Art Pad is the accessory for any designer. Something simple and practical, yet beautiful. Even KonMari couldn’t turn this down. [$]

For the crazy crafter:

Ever art for “365 Days of Creativity” by Lorna Scobie

365 Days of Creativity is a thoughtful and inspiring book designed to help you carve out moments of self-expression and unlock your creative potential. Award-winning illustrator Lorna Scobie shows you that art does not have to be scary — it can be done with any materials, in any colour, in any style and, most importantly, it can be done anywhere! With themes that look at imagination, nature, memory, and pattern, this book is designed to encourage you to think outside the box and spark the artist within. Featuring a creative thought for every week, goal-setting, and mood-based activities, as well as plenty of supportive prompts and tips, this fun and inspiring book will make a perfect gift and keepsake as well as being a powerful tool for positive change. [$]

Item description of “365 Days of Creativity

For the babe busting their butt and rubbing elbows in the art scene, this ArtBin Express Tote is the best way to wheel around valuable creations, bulky displays, and hard-earned-dough from show — to show — to show… The priciest on my list, but still has huge savings and is a sure-fire way to become their “total life-saver”! [$$$$]

ArtBin is a great brand that I swear by and would honestly love one of these for myself… Like, really bad. To fan-boy a bit, this thing packs:

26 individual loops on inside cover for markers, brushes, etc, and large back pocket holds up to 12-Inch by 12-Inch books, papers, and projects! Perfect for your professional artist on the go, workshop leaders, and portaging your scrapbook club materials.
  • 26 individual loops on inside cover for markers, brushes, etc.
  • A large back pocket that holds up to 12-inch by 12-inch books, papers, and projects
  • A shoulder strap with shoulder pad to easily transport the top unit that is detachable
  • Double reinforced side handles for secure lifting
  • and sturdy double skate wheels!
3D Pen, Duoles 3D Doodler Drawing Printing Pen, Christmas Gifts/ Present and Toys for Boys & Girls - Modern Arts and Crafts Tool. CREATE IN 3D - Duoles 3D printing pen extrudes heated plastic which instantly hardens, allowing you to literally draw in 3 Dimensions, freehand or on paper.
This 3D Pen, Duoles 3D Doodler Drawing Printing Pen is perfect for wild imaginations!

3D drawing pens were a hot gift last year — and they still are! For kids and adults, it’s easy for a crafty mind to get their hands on this and make something it was very much not intended for… Give the gift of crafting in a new dimension!

Duoles claims their pen is light, slim, and easier to handle. It boots up in just 30 seconds to get you creating quickly. You can easily control extrusion speed for smoother operation and endless creation. The best part is it will auto-off if not used in over 5 minutes, making it safer than a hot glue gun! [$$]

That’s my Artist Gift Guide for 2019!

I’m always curious as to what you are curious about!

You can find me active on Facebook and Instagram as well as posting more blog content on my personal Patreon page. Reach out to me; I respond to all comments and questions!

Until next time,

-Joey @ The A/J

A Minimalist Tidying Up With Mari Kondo

*Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra, and you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really.

Despite reading similar or related information from many other sources, reading the life-changing magic of tidying up first hand was a whole new experience. 

The night before this project began, I had cracked open the life-changing magic of tidying up by Mari Kondo. 

After reading the first 55 pages that Friday night — like all the cool kids do — I knew I had to start then and there.

That, and I had gotten an email indicating the book was due back to the library on the Tuesday and I couldn’t renew it…

I decided to embark on the challenge: to apply the KonMari method of tidying to my entire space in a single weekend.

If you’re not familiar with the KonMari method, it is the Japanese style of tidying up. The idea is to tidy everything in your home, in totality, and your mess will never relapse. It’s become more widely read thanks to the popular Netflix show, Tidying Up With Mari Kondo.

Starting off as someone who already considered themselves a minimalist, I wasn’t sure there was much for me to take away from this book that I hadn’t read somewhere else already. Everyone in the community references Kondo and I figured I knew it all by proxy.

I have been down-sizing since 2015 and I was at first apprehensive about whether this idea was a good one. Was this project even worth my time?

Does the KonMari method actually work? Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash
Does the KonMari method actually work? Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

I was open to learning more about the lifestyle I had adopted, but I didn’t think there was anything left for me to get rid of… I was very much wrong.

Clothes are always first in the KonMari method, and the most fun in the tidying process.

30-day minimalist wardrobe challenges are the most popular minimalist content in mainstream media (other than this book). As fun as those are, they’re ineffective and contrary to the KonMari method.

I spend much of my time taking care of my house, entertaining friends weekly, and host clubs and workshops out of my home. After establishing this vision, I awoke that Saturday morning feeling far more excited than I anticipated.

My first goal was to fit all my off-season wardrobe into a single carry-on bag to free up my closet space to create more breathing room in my closets. I was sick of struggling to find properly-fitting linens and hanging guests’ coats on the armchair because the closet is overflowing with the households’ Canadian winter gear. My hats, scarves, flip-flops, swim trunks… Everything scattering amongst 2 closets, as well as a full-size suitcase and 2 carry-on bags. My partner seemed unconvinced when I first revealed my plan, but they were then bewildered when I met my first goal.

Transform your home in only one weekend using this method!
Learn the top tips I used to transform my home in a single weekend!

My second goal was to fit my entire wardrobe (underwear, socks, hats — everything) onto a rolling clothing rack. I’ve had this goal for more than 3 years.

During my first big clothing-cull in 2016 I got rid of over 6 113L [24 Gal.] garbage bags of clothes. In 2017 I let go of about three more. Each time, this task took me over 2 days and I never accomplished my goal to only have one clothing rack of items to choose from every day.

This year, following the KonMari method outlined in her book, I still filled an entire 113L [24 Gal.] garbage bag — I had clothes I loved that were three sizes too big for me, and a size I never wanted to be again! The amount of baggage that went with those clothes lifted a weight I didn’t know was there, thanks to following this book.

This time around, it only took me 5 hours to fully sort my entire wardrobe and I finally met my first minimalist goal ever!

Saturday night, I went through my books. 

The next day I didn’t get to start working on my KonMari project until about 3pm, which was a huge set back. How could I finish the rest of my project in only 7 hours?!

On top of that, I still had the most difficult categories left to organize: papers, komono, and sentimental items. Kondo defines komono as miscellaneous items Pg 106.

As someone who takes great pride in their home — especially my office-space — I gazed bewildered by my desk overflowing with papers. I watched as they spilled onto the floor in a comical fashion.

Papers spilling off my desk, onto the floor in a comical fashion.

My desk with all of my papers, before sorting (and my dog). I would of been too embarrassed if anyone knew how many more filing systems I thought I needed for all this meaningless “stuff”.

Where I determined to keep my papers.

It took all day Sunday to go through my papers. I ended up with another garbage bag in the hall, 4 vacant storage devices, and a half-dozen empty folders. I now finally have 3 portfolios filled with work I’m proud of rather than a pile of binders and folders of sketches and prints I “have to go through one day”.

My desk with all of my papers, after sorting. 4 full portfolios and an empty filing box sit under my desk (until sorting them away).

Despite my many successes and visual results with this project I’m disappointed I didn’t finish in the time-line I set, even if I felt I had completed it.

I asked ,“Does this spark joy?”, throughout the entirety of cleaning out my late-grandmother’s house in spring 2017. This question helped me only keep valuable essentials I would use throughout my life. It turned a burden into a process of closure and acceptance. The things I ended up keeping out of guilt left shortly after they arrived.

A minimalist in 1 weekend Pinterest card
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After going through all my miscellaneous items in summer 2018, we ended up moving only about a third of our belongings to our new home.

I’m sure Kondo would think going through the same process again with the same items would be redundant — especially timeless, important things after already deciding they “spark joy”. I will consider it for the future, but I’m more than satisfied with the single Rubbermaid tote of photo albums, scrapbooks, and other komono that still bring me joy as I flip through them. I’m curious, do you think this counts? 

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10 Key things I took away from the life-changing magic of tidying up by Mari Kondo:

  1. We should be choosing what we wish to keep, not what we want to be rid of. Pg 41
  2. Vertical storage is key; stacking is a spell for clutter . Kondo mentions this throughout the book (folding shirts, storing papers, etc.)
  3. Do not over-categorize as this complicates things and results in keeping more than you need. Simplicity is key. Pg 84
  4. The moment you first encounter a particular book is the right time to read it. Pg 95
  5. Presents are not things, but convey someone’s feelings at the time the gift was given. If you don’t use or enjoy what they picked out for you, the gift-giver wouldn’t want to burden you with it and it has served its’ purpose (of being received and conveying one’s feelings).
  6. Have a defined location for everything you own. I’m already a master at this, but it’s information you must know!
  7. Pursue ultimate simplicity in storage and do not scatter storage spaces. I was guilty of this one, but it was an easy fix.
  8. Don’t underestimate the “noise” of written information, especially in your native language. It can feel like some is whispering cleaning instructions to you whenever you open a closet.
  9. Letting go is more important that adding healthy habits. Letting go, in itself, is a healthy habit of its’ own.
  10. At last, thank your belongings. They support you in some way, sometimes the entire day. Practicing gratitude for your possessions will help reinforce what is important to you. You might also see what is unessential to you.

Overjoyed Sunday evening, I was rid of the two dozen sketchbooks I had been standing knee-deep in. I was taken aback at my car trunk full of baggage I didn’t know I had.

The most important thing to me was shaking off my minimalist Imposter syndrome. I did what I set out to do in only a single weekend, accomplished many of my personal goals, and am eager to see the ongoing impact of tidying up. I’ve also just finished reading through and practicing Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport, another fantastic book I plan on covering soon.

Finding Minimalism in one weekend
Transform your space into a peaceful place in only 2 days!

If you’re interested in how I manage my artwork archives or even my wardrobe, let me know. I’m always curious about what you’re curious about!

Whether you’re new to minimalism or you think it’s a dumb trend, let me know that as well! I’m always open to interesting dialogue from different backgrounds. You can find me active on Facebook and posting more blog content on my personal Patreon page, I respond to all comments and questions!

Until next time,

-Joey @ The A/J

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joey Dean, painter & Designer
About Joey.

My Creative Journey: Why I’m Here For You

In the beginning…

I was a stable and reliable worker my entire educational career. I went to school full time, volunteered 15 hours per week on campus, and had two separate tutoring gigs going while never missing an appointment.

These days, it can take all my effort to be on time for a single meeting with a client and I’m sure you can relate to this.

My art career started when I was a college drop-out and totally unemployed for almost 7 weeks. I had spent the previous 8 months jumping from job-to-job. Whether it be seasonal work for months or my single day working at a call centre (which is a whole other story), nothing was working.

I couldn’t believe I was an unemployed college drop-out struggling to pay my bills every month.

Why can’t I commit to my work? How do I learn to love what I do? Do these questions sound familiar to you?

I didn’t seem to be the only one with this problem. When I first began looking at self-employment in 2016, my generation had the highest unemployment rate in recent history (at a whopping 53%).

The real cause was what I was working on. I realized there wasn’t a way to change how to think and feel about work fast enough to start paying my bills for the long-term.

Photo by DJ Johnson on Unsplash

The first step I took was to change my work, not my attitude.

Repeating my mistakes was the problem. Mistakes I didn’t know I was making. I wasn’t playing to my strengths. Rather, I was fighting to overcome my weaknesses every day because “that’s just how it is”.

I began to shift the scope of my job searches and limiting the side hustles I was investing my time in.

Confused about what I wanted for so long, I had never had a focus. I never figured out how to apply my strengths to my work. That’s why I kept disappointing myself and decided it needed to stop.

I’m here for you.

Helping empower other creators is my passion. 

I focus on helping people find their passion and the courage to support their passion by providing quality and accessible tools, information, and resources.

I work to dispel common myths of our generation, like laziness and lack of initiative. I want to prove the new generations have more to offer than we get credit for. I’m here to make your life start working for you.

I write for single-person operations and online stores or anyone looking to start selling their goods and services. If you’re of another nature, please let me know in the comments your job title/why you’re here!

Welcome to The Artist Journal,

-Joey @ The A/J

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